Things To Bring When Traveling With Pet

Most people who own pets encounter a problem when going on a trip – do they leave their pet at home?  This is particularly common if they have no one or no access to a pet home that could take care of their pets in the meantime when they’re not around.  There are lots of disadvantages that may occur if you leave your pet at home.  For a peace of mind, sometimes the only option is to bring your pet with you.

It might be the best choice to bring your pet with you if you’re traveling by motorhome or car.  Just be cautious of the requirements for pets when entering a new country.  Countries like the UK have long isolation periods for pets while other countries can be less strict.  Some only require you to bring proof of vaccinations or a certificate of good health from a vet.

If this is your first time or if you just need a refresher on what to pack for your pet, keep reading this article.  It will help your trip and you will have a worry-free vacation with your pet beside you.

Here is a list of necessities when traveling with your pet:

  • Active phone numbers – including your cell number, emergency contact (can be your family, relatives or close friends), and the phone number of your dog’s veterinarian.
  • Food and water containers (bowls)
  • A leash for walking. Remember to use a longer leash for exercise sessions (around 6 ft).
  • Your pet’s records including vaccinations.
  • Your pet’s bed.
  • Your pet’s favorite toys and bones to play with.
  • Treat pouch when you need to train your pet or you just want to give it a reward.
  • Dog food, treats, and water
  • Grooming kit (Brush and nail clippers)
  • For easy clean-up, don’t forget to bring poop bags
  • Medications (including vitamins)
  • Veterinarian instructions, so you won’t forget
  • Neck tag (engraved your pet’s name, address & person’s to contact)
  • A pet’s traveling carrier
  • Mouth Mazzle for your pet (just in case you need it)

If you prefer more to bring, just make sure to include all the list above so you don’t get in trouble while your pet is with you during your trip. Keep in mind the safety of your pet during travel. Now you are ready to spend a good vacation with your pet hassle-free. Enjoy!