Hosting the Big Game: A Checklist for the Best Indoor Entertaining

You’ve just bought that new 60” TV you were drooling over for months. Everyone has been invited to watch the big game. Now what? It takes more than just a great PIP screen to make a great game night. Here’s a checklist of items you may want to consider, to help make the night a success.

Don’t try to do everything yourself. You’ll wear yourself out with all the prep work, not to mention your wallet… Enlist your friends to bring one item each, and reduce your stress and save your time.


Everyone has their specialty. Charlie does the best chicken wings; Doug does the best nacho dip; Mark makes the best meatballs.

Asking everyone to bring a dish not only saves you time, it gives everyone else a chance to showcase their skills. They will all be grateful that you hosted, but will also appreciate the feeling they get from the team effort. Call it a pride or ego thing, but everyone likes to feel useful.


Every group will have someone who maybe isn’t the greatest in the kitchen, but they can still be part of the team effort to make game night great. No party is complete without everyone’s favorite beverage.

Depending on the types of drinks involved (alcohol vs. non) it could get quite expensive, so it my be best to not rely on just one person to supply all the drinks for the party. As with everything else about the night, share the load and make it a team event.

One quick note about drinks…keep them cold, and keep them close. No one wants to have to make a trip upstairs and to the other side of the house in the middle of a play. If you don’t already have one in the rec-room, consider a bar fridge for entertaining.

It will keep the drinks cold and close at hand; and it is small enough to keep tucked in a convenient corner or even right by the recliner, without being obtrusive.

Dishes, Cutlery, and Napkins

Finally, don’t forget the dishes, utensils and napkins. Again, this could be something for one of the gang to bring who maybe doesn’t have enough time to do food prep right before the party.

Having someone bring disposable cups, plates, eating utensils, and napkins will save you a ton of cleaning after the big game night. Let’s face it, after an exciting win, no one wants the downer of having to clean dishes. And doing dishes would be a double downer if your teams happens to lose.

So remember, just like any great team shares the effort, a great game night party should be a team effort too.

Instagram Update: Promote for Stories and Fresh Analytics

Instagram released information about their new feature. Another advertisement type called “Promote” for Stories permits Instagram business pages to demonstrate their vaporous slideshows to more clients without doing much work. Administrators can decide to auto-target clients like their adherents, individuals in a specific area, or utilize the majority of Instagram, focusing on parameters to infuse their Story into the Stories queue of more clients as an advertisement that can likewise be connected to the business’ Instagram profile or site.

According to TechCrunch, the feature “Promote for Stories” resembles Facebook’s “boost” tool that gives advertisers a chance to pay to get their posts into more client channels.

Instagram as of now has 2 million active advertisers, contrasted with Facebook’s 6 million. Be that as it may, structuring and focusing on advertisements, particularly full-screen video Stories promotions, can be overwhelming to private companies and open figures. Advance offers a simple method to transform their current Stories into promotions.

The new feature could open more investment at a significant energy when Facebook’s income development is in monstrous decline. It dropped from 59 percent in Q3 2016 to 49 percent in Q3 2017 to 33 percent in Q3 2018 as it hits immersion in lucrative created nations and comes up short on News Feed space. Facebook cautioned Money Road about income deceleration, as sharing movements from channels to Stories and promoters need to adjust, yet transforming neighborhood merchants and influencers into paying clients could smooth that change.

Instagram also launched the Instagram Analytics in beta as a component of Facebook Analytics. The tool goes past Instagram’s current Insights tool that just tallied distinctive sorts of commitment with a record and its substance, for example, new supporters, site clicks, post impressions, and Story exists.

What is the Law on Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada?

Until February 2015, it was illegal in Canada to assist a person in committing suicide. The act of aiding or abetting a suicide was an indictable offence under s.241(b) of the Criminal Code.

However, the Supreme Court ruled in Carter v. Canada that the prohibition on physician-assisted suicide constitutes an unjustifiable infringement on the right to life, liberty and security of the person; this ruling spurred the government to pass federal legislation allowing eligible Canadian adults to request medical assistance in dying.

Below is a brief summary of the legislative framework of doctor assisted suicide (known in the law as medical assisted dying) in Canada. This information is drawn from the legislation itself (An Act to amend the Criminal Code and to make related amendments to other Acts (medical assistance in dying), along with a brief on medical assistance in dying written by Steve Grant, a wills and estates lawyer in Kitchener, Ontario.

What Does ‘Medical Assistance in Dying’ Mean in Canada?

Section 241.1 of the Criminal Code defines medical assistance in dying as:

  • A medical practitioner or nurse practitioner administering a substance to a person, at the person’s request, that causes the person’s death; or
  • A medical practitioner or nurse practitioner prescribing/providing a substance to a person that the person can self-administer to cause their own death.

In other words, medical assistance in dying can be a doctor or nurse administering a drug that causes a patient to die, or prescribing a drug the person can take on their own in order to die.

Who Can Request Medical Assistance in Dying?

The legislation includes safeguards intended to ensure that only adults (at least 18 years of age) who are able to request the service of their own free will and make health care decisions for themselves may request medical assistance in dying. The person must be able to give informed consent. If the person cannot put the request in writing, they can still request medical assistance in dying through another person that meets certain criteria.

Additionally, an adult must meet the following criteria to be eligible for medical assistance in dying:

  • Eligible for government-funded health services (either federal or a province/territory)
  • Have a grevious and irremediable medical condition
  • Make a voluntary request for medical assistance in dying, meaning no outside pressure or influence
  • Give informed consent to receive medical assistance in dying.

Does a Person Need to be Terminally Ill to Receive Medical Assistance in Dying?

A person does not need to be terminally ill to be eligible for medical assistance in dying in Canada. However, the person must have a grievous and irremediable medical condition.

The criteria for a ‘grievous and irremediable medical condition’ are as follows:

  • It is a serious illness, disease or disability;
  • It is in an advanced state of decline that cannot be reversed;
  • It causes unbearable mental or physical suffering that cannot be relieved under conditions that the person considers acceptable; and
  • At this point, the person’s natural death is reasonably foreseeable.

How Can Someone Request Medical Assistance in Dying?

To request medical assistance in dying, a person must:

  1. Submit a written request (some provinces and territories have a specific form).
  2. Undergo medical assessments by at least two physicians or nurse practitioners.
  3. Wait a 10-day reflection period.

This process can be undertaken with the help of a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Does a Person Require a Will to Request Medical Assistance in Dying?

The law does not require that someone complete a will before requesting this service. However, it is pertinent to do so in order to provide the person’s family with direction and clarity in the aftermath.

It can be enormously helpful to retain a lawyer who is familiar with Canada’s medical assistance in dying laws. There are will and estate lawyers in Kitchener and around the country with experience providing end-of-life assistance to patients in these circumstances.

How Communities Benefit from Building Air Supported Structures for Sports

Have you noticed more and more white bubble sports domes popping up recently? It’s not just you. Communities are increasingly investing in building air supported structures for sports rather than the traditional brick-and-stone community center.

Some people have decried this trend, asking why local governments aren’t spending that money on permanent, multi-use structures instead. They also raise the point that domes lack the aesthetic appeal of a traditional community building.

This point is valid — a dome is a dome, and while it’s neat to watch one go up, they don’t have much in the way of architectural flair.

However, there are many points in favour of building air supported structures at the municipal level.

Community Benefits of Air Supported Structures for Sports

  • Cost Savings

With local government facing increasing pressure to tighten their belts financially, the cost savings offered by a dome is a big part of its appeal. Air supported domes are far more affordable than stick-built community buildings. The ongoing maintenance is also less of an expense.

  • Flexibility

Air supported structures for sports can stay open year-round or be taken down in the summer to free up the space for other things. Obviously, this isn’t an option with permanent structures.

  • Multi-Use Potential

When they aren’t being used to for local sports, the space inside a dome can easily be employed for other types of community gatherings. They’re air conditioned in the summer, heated in the winter, and offer ample space. Movie screenings, festivals, craft sales, yoga classes, flea markets, dances, music shows, and fundraisers are among the many potential uses of an air dome.

  • Year-Round Sports

For isolated communities with few amenities, the ability to offer affordable sports like soccer, football, tennis, and rugby year-round is a boon to the young people who live there.

Uses for Air Supported Structures for Sports

The two most popular sports played under air-supported structures are tennis and soccer/football. However, it is possible to use air domes for all kinds of physical activities, including:

  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • American football
  • Pickleball
  • Swimming (domes can be placed over a pools)
  • Roller skating
  • Track and field

Things To Bring When Traveling With Pet

Most people who own pets encounter a problem when going on a trip – do they leave their pet at home?  This is particularly common if they have no one or no access to a pet home that could take care of their pets in the meantime when they’re not around.  There are lots of disadvantages that may occur if you leave your pet at home.  For a peace of mind, sometimes the only option is to bring your pet with you.

It might be the best choice to bring your pet with you if you’re traveling by motorhome or car.  Just be cautious of the requirements for pets when entering a new country.  Countries like the UK have long isolation periods for pets while other countries can be less strict.  Some only require you to bring proof of vaccinations or a certificate of good health from a vet.

If this is your first time or if you just need a refresher on what to pack for your pet, keep reading this article.  It will help your trip and you will have a worry-free vacation with your pet beside you.

Here is a list of necessities when traveling with your pet:

  • Active phone numbers – including your cell number, emergency contact (can be your family, relatives or close friends), and the phone number of your dog’s veterinarian.
  • Food and water containers (bowls)
  • A leash for walking. Remember to use a longer leash for exercise sessions (around 6 ft).
  • Your pet’s records including vaccinations.
  • Your pet’s bed.
  • Your pet’s favorite toys and bones to play with.
  • Treat pouch when you need to train your pet or you just want to give it a reward.
  • Dog food, treats, and water
  • Grooming kit (Brush and nail clippers)
  • For easy clean-up, don’t forget to bring poop bags
  • Medications (including vitamins)
  • Veterinarian instructions, so you won’t forget
  • Neck tag (engraved your pet’s name, address & person’s to contact)
  • A pet’s traveling carrier
  • Mouth Mazzle for your pet (just in case you need it)

If you prefer more to bring, just make sure to include all the list above so you don’t get in trouble while your pet is with you during your trip. Keep in mind the safety of your pet during travel. Now you are ready to spend a good vacation with your pet hassle-free. Enjoy!